Savka Aves Termik Santral Yağ Fabrikası Savka Depolama

About Aves

AVES AS, which has been active in the sector for 20 years, entered into crude sunflower seed oil segment and in a very short time, the company started to meet 25% of Turkey's annual sunflower seed oil import. AVES AS stores the crude sunflower seed oil that is shipped from countries like Russia and Ukraine in its warehouses located in Mersin.

AVES AS is going to produce sunflower, cotton, canola, soybean and linen oil in the factory located in Mersin, which is going to be active in December 2012 with the crushing units in the capacity of between 150-450 k metric tons. Refining capacity of the factory is 120 k tons. Silos at the facility have storing capacity of 84 k metric tons and crude oil tank capacity is 28 k metric tons. Also, the company, which invested in a biodiesel producing plant with annual capacity of 55 k metric tons, is the biggest company in and one of the leading ones in Turkey in its field.