Savka Aves Termik Santral Yağ Fabrikası Savka Depolama


AVES, which has A Vast Experience in Supply of various commodities for the last 20 years, meets 20% of total Turkish crude sunflower seed oil import thanks to SAVKA off-shore vessel loading/discharge platform located in . SAVKA, located 5 kilometers off the shore, is a unique facility in Turkey with its 13.5 meters draft and state-of-the-art fire-fighting and environment protection systems. With these port and terminal investments, Aves has created a one-stop-shop model in the industry by the integration of Port & Terminal Services and Supply.

In line with its target to penetrate deeper in the edible oil industry, AVES has initiated a multi-seed crushing, refining and bottling plant investment in 2011 in . The facility is expected to be commissioned by early 2013 and it will crush sunflower seed, soya bean, canola, cotton seed and linseed. Initial crushing capacity will be 500 Tons/day which will be increased to 1500 Tons/day in the second phase. De-hulling unit will allow production of high protein meal which is currently scarce in Turkey. Refining and bottling capacity will be 400 Tons/day and two different types of crude oil will be refined and bottled simultaneously.

In the fully integrated facility 55.000 Tons of biodiesel can be produced per year. The facility will have 84.000 m3 steel silo capacity for seeds and 28.000 m3 steel tanks capacity for crude vegetable oil.